Digitally Mined Assets / Commodities for
Self Managed Super Funds


In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto put forward his whitepaper forming the basis of the crypto world. Since then many technologies have arisen that solve real world problems using the blockchain. Here we have a solution to the protection of crypto assets from the volatility of traditional crypto coin or token ownership. Meet the DMAC

A Digitally Mined Asset/Commodity (DMAC) allows you to store your value in a steady state cryptographic asset that has the capacity to be mined and produce a yield. Fully encrypted and traded on a consortium blockchain, the DMAC is a truly stable asset.

Working together with our partners dWealth Services allows you to assign your DMAC to an Action-Project and meet the eligibility requirements to begin mining.

Balance Your Superannuation With DMAC for SMSF

As the Australian government prepares to sell our superannuation to fund overseas investment and banks able to bail-in at any time, the crypto world is emerging as a more secure place to store your cash. Where the crypto market can be volatile, a patented new stable product called the DMAC has come onto the scene, exclusive to dHealthNetwork.

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How does it work?

A DMAC is eligible to mine once it has been attached to an Action-Project. After a short period of 'seasoning', around 10 days, the value in the DMAC begins to produce a yield of approximately 10% p.a. (The yield will depend on the movement on the blockchain network and hence the mining required).


The mined yield is continuously compounding as the term of the DMAC contract progresses. At the end of each 12 month term the yield will be accounted for and split with 5% accruing to the principal DMAC wallet and 5% supporting an Action-Project of your choosing.

Who is dHealthNetwork?

A global peer to peer platform that connects healthcare consumers, service providers, researchers and benefactors.

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What is an Action-Project?

An Action-Project is an undertaking with a time frame, budget and location. An Action-Project may be a research project, a funding opportunity, a business venture or some other undertaking centered on improving health anywhere around the world. The term 'health' has a broad meaning in this context as it applies to not only human physical health but also mental health, animal health and environmental health.

How do I buy a DMAC for SMSF?

Whether you have your own self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) or need to set one up, dWealth Services is here to help you secure your superannuation savings with DMAC for SMSF. A minimum purchase of 11 DMACs provides a solid base for your investment portfolio with stable and consistent returns starting at 5% year in year out. To become a DMAC owner is to become a valuable part of the dHealthNetwork ecosystem, contributing to real change and improved health outcomes around the world with a percentage of the proceeds from all DMAC purchases used to directly support Action-Projects.

  • Each DMAC for SMSF stores a value of $1,830 for a fixed term of 12 months
  • At the end of each quarter the yield will be accounted for and a report produced so that you can see exactly how your DMAC is performing
  • At the end of each 12 month term the yield will be accounted for and split with 5% accruing to the principal DMAC wallet and 5% supporting an Action-Project of your choosing
  • At the end of each term, you simply review and roll-over your DMAC contract to reap the benefits of solid, consistent, low risk returns starting at 5%p.a.

As the name suggests, this product is offered exclusively to Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) in Australia that are looking to establish a DMAC wallet with at least 11 DMACs.

Step One

The first step to securing your DMAC is to visit the dHealthNetwork website and become an member.

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Step Two

Send us an email registering your interest to establish a SMSF using our recommended advisor.
(If you already have a SMSF you can skip Step 2)
The establishment process can take some time as we work together to set you up with

  • An ATO compliant SMSF
  • A bank account for the SMSF
  • Your current superannuation funds rolled over to your SMSF
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Step Three

Complete the form to register your order of DMAC for SMSF. Once we receive your order we will issue you with an invoice and provide payment details along with further instructions

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SPECIAL OFFER For a Limited Time Only

When you purchase $20,000 or more DMAC for SMSF in a single transaction we are offering the following bonuses:

  • We will pay the setup costs of your SMSF when you use our recommended advisor (a saving of up to $2,970)
  • We will pay the accounting and audit fees for the first tax return when it is lodged on time through our recommended advisor (a saving of up to $1,500)
  • We will pay the yearly maintenance fee for the first year (a saving of $660)

When you purchase $30,000 or more DMAC for SMSF in a single transaction it gets even better - we will pay the yearly maintenance fee for the life of the holding (saving you $$$$)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the DMAC unit is divisible to 8 decimal places so you may choose to support as many Action-Projects as you like. Towards the end of June each year you will have the option to change your selection of Action-Projects and tailor your support to the causes you feel most passionately about.

There is no limit to the amount of value you can store in DMAC units

11 DMACs is the minimum purchase to setup a mining DMAC wallet

While you are committed for the term of the 12 month contract we are happy to say that dWealth Services is in the process of creating a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers so that DMACs can be traded like any other commodity once the contract expires.

There is an ongoing yearly maintenance fee of $660 per owner payable to our technology partner for hosting the DMAC wallet

Our digital vaults are fully ISO 27001 compliant with SHA-256 hash encryption.

The time frame for establishing a SMSF can be as little as 2 weeks when there is swift adherence to the guidance we provide

Yes, there are ongoing costs to maintain a SMSF. Details can be found on the Australian Taxation Office website

The DMAC is notarised on a Proof of Stake blockchain